August 26, 2015
Special diets


People diet not only because they want to get in shape or to change their lifestyle, as our health condition can also be an incentive to pay closer attention to the composition of our food. People who suffer from diabetes, allergies, or lactose intolerance have to follow special diets in order to enjoy everyday life. Due to its unique composition, New Whites can be included into the ration of all people who need to follow special diets.

People with diabetes have to regulate their diets very strictly, as they have to consume less easily-digested carbohydrates that are present in honey, jams, or sugar. New Whites is great for persons with diabetes, as it contains very little amounts of sugar.

More than a third of Lithuania’s population has a deficiency of the enzyme responsible for lactose splitting. If they consume diary products or other products that contain lactose, adverse symptoms might occur. New Whites is an excellent choice for people who have to avoid lactose, as it contains no lactose, despite the fact that it is called a natural supplement for cheese.

People suffering from allergies can also freely use New Whites, as it completely natural and contains no gluten, artificial flavour enhancers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or preservatives. Allergies, diabetes or lactose intolerance should not deprive people from enjoying their food. It is true that people experiencing these conditions should take special care when selecting their food, nevertheless, the food market offers specific products for people who do not tolerate certain food components due to their health conditions. New Whites is one of these products.

August 26, 2015
An ally of dieting


Specialists would advise to any person trying to lose unwanted weight that the first thing he/she needs is not to ‘hit the gym’, but a balanced diet. If results are to be achieved, one should refrain from eating unnatural products which contain many preservatives, artificial colourants and flavour enhancers. A person determined to get in shape should take care that the food he/she consumes is healthy and balanced.

People tend to identify taste as being the most important factor when choosing food, however, the main factor should be the amount of nutrients. Food should be both healthy and delicious, it should also leave one satiated and full of energy. This seems impossible? All this can be found in the unique product that is New Whites.

New Whites is rich in protein, one of the most important components for our health. It is comprised of 94% chicken egg whites, a very small amount of salt and water.

People who want to have a better-shaped body should aim to eat less products that are high in sugar and fat. New Whites is an excellent choice for these circumstances, as it contains no fat and a very small amount of sugar. A 100 grams of New Whites contains only 55 calories. Most importantly, New Whites solves one of the most difficult tasks for people aiming to lose weight: how to eat healthily and feel satiated after meals.

New Whites is a natural substitute for cheese, it can be used to give salads, soups and meat a new flavour. New Whites is an excellent supplement of high-fat cheese for sandwiches or a supplement of meat for stews. Finally, if you serve New Whites with fruit, the outcome will be not only a delicious, but also a very healthy and low-calorie desert.

August 26, 2015
Nursing mothers


Mothers who breast feed their children should eat healthy, balanced and diverse food. Each mother wants her baby to feel good. A proper diet of the mother is directly related to the way the baby is feeling. The mother’s milk is the best food to a baby, as with it the baby receives vitamins, nutrients, minerals and biologically active substances which contribute to its healthy growth.

When constructing their health pyramids, nursing mothers should prioritise natural products that are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colourants and aromas. New Whites is a unique addition to a nursing mother’s ration that meets all the needs of a nursing mother’s diet.

New Whites contains no GMOs, gluten, cholesterol, fat, preservatives, colourants and artificial aromas, as it is made from completely natural substances. Therefore mothers who choose New Whites eat very healthily. Natural composition is not the only reason why New Whites should become a part of a nursing mother’s ration.

A woman’s diet has to undergo significant changes during nursing. A nursing mother requires proteins to produce milk, therefore the consumption of proteins should increase. A nursing woman should consume at least 120-130 grams of proteins with her food daily. New Whites contains 94% chicken egg whites, which help nursing mothers to reduce protein deficiency. Furthermore, it must be emphasised that the proteins in New Whites are quickly absorbed by the body, are natural and contain no components harmful to the body. New Whites is an excelent component of a nursing woman’s ration.

August 26, 2015
Sport and New Whites


Whether you took up sport to lose some weight, to get in shape, to strengthen your muscles, to increase your endurance, or to achieve an impressive body shape, to make all this happen your first need a balanced died. A diet determines how much energy a person has, how he/she feels, how quickly the body recovers after a workout, and what are the results of sports activity.

People doing sports should have a balanced diet, and special attention should be paid to proteins and their amount in the food of physically active people. All types of sport, whether it be cycling, swimming, running, or weight lifting, are strenuous on the muscles. The muscles are tired after an active workout, and it is necessary to take care of their regeneration. Proteins are especially suitable for this purpose, as they are a part of many vital processes in the human body and are the main’building blocks’ of muscles. Therefore, physically active people should have a protein-rich diet.

New Whites is one of the best diet components for people leading an active lifestyle, as 94% of it is comprised by proteins, which are very necessary for physically active people. The body absorbs all the proteins that New Whites contains. This means that all consumed protein is used for muscle regeneration and growth. New Whites also contains no fat, which is very important for physically active people, as they do not have to worry about burning fat. New Whites is a product perfectly tailored for the use by people who do sports.

August 25, 2015
A healthy diet with New Whites


Nowadays, a healthy diet is becoming an essential attribute of a modern person. Besides taste, naturalness, the amount of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), calories, and gluten all play a part in the selection of healthy food. Finding food that meets all these criteria is hard, but possible! This was already proved by the manufacturers of New Whites, who are favoured by health-conscious people.

Some persons take up dieting to lose weight or get in shape, others do it because they aim to lead a healthy life. New Whites is a product that caters for both groups. For people aiming to lose weight, eating high-protein food is very important, while calories, fat and carbohydrates should be avoided. New Whites perfectly meets these requirements. It is comprised of 94% chicken egg whites, a very small amount of salt and water, and contains no sugar. A 100 grams of New Whites  contain only 55 calories, yet it is nutritious and leaves one feeling satiated. Furthermore, New Whites is very easily digested, it contains no cholesterol, preservatives, or artificial flavour enhancers.

New Whites is called a natural supplement for cheese and is an excellent addition to the rations of healthy eaters. The product contains no controversial GMOs, gluten, and other hazardous additives which could be a cause of sickness, it is also free of lactose.

The natural and unique flavour of  New Whites is also an opportunity for some improvisation in the kitchen. New Whites  gives a rich flavour to fresh salad, gourmet dishes, or deserts. New Whites is frequently used to supplement not only cheese, but meat as well, which is great news for vegetarians who take great care when choosing their food.