August 26, 2015


Whether you took up sport to lose some weight, to get in shape, to strengthen your muscles, to increase your endurance, or to achieve an impressive body shape, to make all this happen your first need a balanced died. A diet determines how much energy a person has, how he/she feels, how quickly the body recovers after a workout, and what are the results of sports activity.

People doing sports should have a balanced diet, and special attention should be paid to proteins and their amount in the food of physically active people. All types of sport, whether it be cycling, swimming, running, or weight lifting, are strenuous on the muscles. The muscles are tired after an active workout, and it is necessary to take care of their regeneration. Proteins are especially suitable for this purpose, as they are a part of many vital processes in the human body and are the main’building blocks’ of muscles. Therefore, physically active people should have a protein-rich diet.

New Whites is one of the best diet components for people leading an active lifestyle, as 94% of it is comprised by proteins, which are very necessary for physically active people. The body absorbs all the proteins that New Whites contains. This means that all consumed protein is used for muscle regeneration and growth. New Whites also contains no fat, which is very important for physically active people, as they do not have to worry about burning fat. New Whites is a product perfectly tailored for the use by people who do sports.