August 26, 2015


People diet not only because they want to get in shape or to change their lifestyle, as our health condition can also be an incentive to pay closer attention to the composition of our food. People who suffer from diabetes, allergies, or lactose intolerance have to follow special diets in order to enjoy everyday life. Due to its unique composition, New Whites can be included into the ration of all people who need to follow special diets.

People with diabetes have to regulate their diets very strictly, as they have to consume less easily-digested carbohydrates that are present in honey, jams, or sugar. New Whites is great for persons with diabetes, as it contains very little amounts of sugar.

More than a third of Lithuania’s population has a deficiency of the enzyme responsible for lactose splitting. If they consume diary products or other products that contain lactose, adverse symptoms might occur. New Whites is an excellent choice for people who have to avoid lactose, as it contains no lactose, despite the fact that it is called a natural supplement for cheese.

People suffering from allergies can also freely use New Whites, as it completely natural and contains no gluten, artificial flavour enhancers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or preservatives. Allergies, diabetes or lactose intolerance should not deprive people from enjoying their food. It is true that people experiencing these conditions should take special care when selecting their food, nevertheless, the food market offers specific products for people who do not tolerate certain food components due to their health conditions. New Whites is one of these products.