August 26, 2015


Specialists would advise to any person trying to lose unwanted weight that the first thing he/she needs is not to ‘hit the gym’, but a balanced diet. If results are to be achieved, one should refrain from eating unnatural products which contain many preservatives, artificial colourants and flavour enhancers. A person determined to get in shape should take care that the food he/she consumes is healthy and balanced.

People tend to identify taste as being the most important factor when choosing food, however, the main factor should be the amount of nutrients. Food should be both healthy and delicious, it should also leave one satiated and full of energy. This seems impossible? All this can be found in the unique product that is New Whites.

New Whites is rich in protein, one of the most important components for our health. It is comprised of 94% chicken egg whites, a very small amount of salt and water.

People who want to have a better-shaped body should aim to eat less products that are high in sugar and fat. New Whites is an excellent choice for these circumstances, as it contains no fat and a very small amount of sugar. A 100 grams of New Whites contains only 55 calories. Most importantly, New Whites solves one of the most difficult tasks for people aiming to lose weight: how to eat healthily and feel satiated after meals.

New Whites is a natural substitute for cheese, it can be used to give salads, soups and meat a new flavour. New Whites is an excellent supplement of high-fat cheese for sandwiches or a supplement of meat for stews. Finally, if you serve New Whites with fruit, the outcome will be not only a delicious, but also a very healthy and low-calorie desert.